How to Drink Absinthe

Different ways (styles) to drink absinthe

  1. Czech (Bohemian) style:

Pour 50 ml of absinthe in a glass with a “ear” through 2 cubes of sugar. One put on a spoon the other on a saucer. Lit up absinthe in a glass; fire will lit the sugar as well and melt it into the drink. Wait until it’s crystalizes in the glass. Put the fire off by cutting off the oxygen in the glass (put the saucer on top of the glass). Then lit the other sugar cube and let it burn for couple of seconds and blow the fire off. Pour the absinthe from the glass into the shot glass and drink it fast while it’s still warm. Eat the sugar cube that’s on the saucer after the shot.

  1. French style:

Pour one part of absinthe in the wine glass. Put the absinthe spoon on the edges of the glass with a sugar on top of it. Pour three parts of ice-cold water into the glass through the sugar. Sugar will dissolve and water will delude alcohol. You can also mix absinthe with the crushed ice in the same proportions.

  1. French style for aristocracy:

Through the sugar cube placed on top of the spoon pour one part of absinthe into the wine glass. Lit the sugar and wait until it caramelizes. Then delude it with three parts of ice-cold water. This way is quite tricky to serve because absinthe can start to burn very easy and it requires some expertize. But some absinthe drinkers consider this to be a sign to start deluding absinthe with water – drink will stop burning by itself after it loses strengths.

  1. Russian style:

Take a napkin and make two holes in it then put the cocktail straw through the holes. Pour one part of absinthe in a cognac glass. Place it on top of “old fashion” and lit absinthe up. Let it burn for a minute or so.  Then, carefully, pour absinthe from one glass to another and put the fire off by placing cognac glass by its top inside the other glass. After that put the cognac glass top down on the napkin with the straw. Drink absinthe while it’s still warm and breathe in the fumes of alcohol through the straw.

  1. Harsh

Fill ¾ of the shot with absinthe. Put in on fire. Place the absinthe spoon with the cube of sugar on top the shot glass and wait until the crystals of sugar fill in the rest of the glass. Then blow off the fire and very quickly  drink it through the straw. Be careful with the choice of the shot glasses. A lot of them are not able to withstand the heat from the fire. So they better be fire-resistant.

  1. Open parachute

Prepare saucer with two sugar cubes on it one on top of the other and dip them in absinthe. Take the cognac glass and pour one part of absinthe there. Then fill 2/4 of “old fashion” glass with lemonade or soda or orange juice. Tilt the cognac glass on top of the “old fashion” and lit the absinthe up. Let it burn for one minute and pour it then into the “old fashion”. Take the fire off by fitting two glasses together. Then take a straw and insert it into small opening between the glasses and “smoke” the fumes by inhaling in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Then lit the sugar cubes on the saucer and place the cognac glass above the fire slowly circling it and bringing it lower to the saucer. If you do everything correct then at the point when the glass is nearly touching the saucer there will be a small explosion of gas inside the glass. Then cover the sugar with the glass. If you use lemonade or soda to mix with absinthe then before you drink you’ll have to take couple of napkins cover the top of the glass and bump it against the table and drink it while it still bubbles. If you use orange juice just drink it in one go. Then put the straw under the cognac glass and “smoke” the fumes once again.

  1. Harsh Ryazanian

Place the tea spoon with sugar on it above the shot with absinthe and dip it in. Light both on fire. Wait until sugar is starting to melt a little then blow the fire off. Put warm sugar in your mouth but don’t swallow it and then drink the absinthe.

  1. “Citrusy absinthe”

Take lobule of orange or mandarin and roll in sugar and cinnamon. One part of absinthe pour into the glass (it’s better to use heat-resistant glass with a handle) light it on fire and place the fruit above the fire using small serving tongs. Let the sugar cinnamon and juice drip into the absinthe. You can squeeze the lobule a little to speed things up. Then put the fire off and pour the drink into the shot glass. Drink absinthe while it’s still warm and eat the remains of the fruit.

  1. “Estragon”

Take the fire-resistant glass with the handle and pour one part of absinthe in it. Put some crystalized sugar in it and light it up. Stir absinthe with the spoon as if you’re stirring tea. Wait for sugar to dissolve in alcohol. Then put the fire off and carefully spreading the absinthe along the sides of the glass pour it into shot glass. Drink it while it’s warm. More than five shots are not recommended.

  1. Frog (Absinthe For Friday’s)

30 ml of absinthe is poured into cognac glass; 15 ml of mint liker, 30 ml of vodka and 100 ml of champagne is poured into “old fashion”. Absinthe is lit up in the glass atop the “old fashion”. The glass should be spun while absinthe is burning so the glass won’t crack. Then you carefully pour absinthe into the other glass and insert it inside it. The edges of the cognac glass should be below the edge of the beverage in the “old fashion” glass. The fumes will be reacting with the liquid and producing bubbles as if from the frog. When bubbles stop appearing place the cognac glass on the napkin with a straw in it. Take some more napkins cover the “old fashion” and bump it against the table. Drink it while the foam is still forming and then inhale the fumes of absinthe.

  1. Merry milkman

Mix absinthe, whisky and milk in equal quantities. Drink it slowly and with pleasure… If possible!

  1. Delicate

Take a shot glass and fill it with 1/3 of ice cold water and 2/3 of absinthe. Try not to mix them together; there should be two layers in the glass. Drink it in one go.

  1. Warm

Fill the shot glass with 1/5 of absinthe and 1/5 of lemon or lime juice. Drink straight. Wait 20-30 seconds and drink something sweet.

  1. Beautiful

Fill the shot glass with 8/9 of absinthe and 1/9 of sweet syrup. Light it up and carefully lower it into the glass with 300ml of champagne. Content of the glass will slowly become bright-cherry color and in the end the drink will have deep eggplant color. Drink it slowly.

  1. Cheshire cat

An “old fashion” glass is filled with ¼ of crushed ice and ¼ of green absinthe. Let the ice melt a little and add 2/4 of apple juice.

  1. Hemingway

Take the iron cup and fill it with finger high amount of absinthe. Add ice cold water to the 2/3 of the cup. Mix it and drink slowly.