Home-made Absinthe

Home-made absinthe

Recipe #1


  • 1,75l of more than 65% alc. Spirit
  • 3 tea spoons of grand wormwood
  • 1 tea spoon of coriander
  • 3 tea spoons of shredded  root of angelica
  • 3 tea spoons of anise seeds
  • shredded seeds of 16 cardamom pods

Mix spirit with grand wormwood and leave it for 48 hours. Then add all the other ingredients and close tightly. Put it in a dark room and leave there for one week. Distillate the tincture along with the herbs and filter it. As the result you should have 1,25l of absinthe with more than 65% alc.

Drink it deluded with water and sugar. Or you can always mix it in cocktail.



It has a complex taste with dominant herbal notes  and pleasurable bitterness.

The after-taste (lasts for about 20 minutes) has pleasant velvety taste of anise and sweetness of licorice, between that and bitterness of wormwood you will find notes of sage with cumin and coriander.

  • 1l of 80% spirit
  • 50gr of wormwood
  • 10 gr of coriander
  • 25gr of anise
  • 50gr of fennel
  • 10gr of sage
  • 2gr of licorice
  • 5-10gr of cumin

Maceration – 1 week. Before the distillation delude it to 50%.

General amount of herbs to macerate – 157gr. Because of reducing the amount of anise we decrease the syrupy taste, but general amount of ingredients stays unchanged. And because of adding cumin and coriander we embellish the taste.

To color absinthe you’ll need:

  • 5gr of wormwood
  • 10gr of mint
  • 3gr of melissa

Macerate just about 300-400ml of spirit for 24 hours the filter it and mix with the rest.