Cocktails with Absinthe

Honey Temptation


20-30ml of absinthe

20-30ml of peach leaker

10ml of Blue Curacao

100ml of orange juice

50ml of lemon juice

2 large spoons of honey

Mix juices and honey and heat it up a little for honey to dissolve. Fill a cocktail glass with ice and pour the mix over it. Then add in turn: peach liker, absinthe and Blue Curacao. As a result interesting-looking layered long drink.

Dirty Chocolate

20ml of absinthe

20ml of Kahlua

Espresso and whipped cream

Fill the cocktail glass with 1/5 of ice add coffee absinthe and Kahlua. Serve with whipped cream on top.

Fire Which

20ml of absinthe

10ml of dark of spiced rum

10ml of gin

Coke, lemon juice, cinnamon.

Take a napkin and put a straw throughout. Pour absinthe in cognac glass and all the other ingredients mix in “old fashion” filling up with ice, coke and little bit of lemon juice to ¾ of the glass. Put the cognac glass on top of “old fashion” and light absinthe up. Then start strewing cinnamon on fire for one minute. Carefully pour the absinthe into “old fashion” and cut the oxygen by placing one glass on the other. Then put the cognac glass on the napkin and inhale the fumes through your nose. You can drink the cocktail as a long drink after stirring it or drink it in one go without stirring.

Ice Story for Adults

20-30ml of absinthe

20-30ml of peach liker

3-4 large spoons of ice-cream

Orange and lemon juice.

Mix absinthe, peach liker and ice-cream in a blender and top it with juices (use more orange juice than lemon) up to ¾. And voila! Your cocktail is ready.

Autumn Sonnet

30ml of absinthe

50ml of martini Bianca

20ml of red orange liker

Orange, lemon, and grapefruit juices in equal share

Take a large vine glass or a cocktail glass and fill it with ice. Then add absinthe, martini, lemon juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, and then liker.

Green Fairy

20ml of absinthe

20ml of mint liker

Tonic water and little bit of lemon juice

Fill 1/5 of the cocktail glass with ice. Add absinthe, liker, and lemon juice. Top it up with tonic water.

Martini Baby

Equal amounts of absinthe, martini Extra Dry, and Blue Curacao are top with the crushed ice or mixed in blender with normal ice depending on the size of the serving glass.

Bestie Absinthe

50ml of absinthe

Lemonade and half of the lime

Fill the glass with ice and add absinthe. Take a quarter of the lime and squeeze it into the glass. Top it with lemonade. The rest of the lime use as decoration.



20-25ml of Baileys

20-25ml of Kahlua

20-25ml of absinthe

Slowly pour ingredients into shot glass as listed. You can use the handle of spoon or fork or knife with a round end as help layer the drink. Then light the absinthe and quickly drink the cocktail through the straw. Don’t hesitate or the straw can melt.

Three Musketeers

20-25ml of Sambuca

20-25ml of whisky

20-25ml of absinthe

The same principle of preparation is applied as in B-52.

Fire Rainbow

20ml of Sambuca

20ml of Baileys

20ml of absinthe

5ml of sweet syrup

Layer the ingredients as listed above and add the sweet syrup on top. It’ll fall down and create a resemblance to rainbow. Light the absinthe and quickly drink it through the straw.


50ml of absinthe

150ml of lemonade.

Mix absinthe and lemonade in “old fashion” glass. Take napkin and cover the glass; bump it against the table and drink it while the bubbles are still there.